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                                 HEALTH - SAFETY - ENVIRONMENT

Viet Nam Petroleum Solutions Co.,Ltd always pay attentions to the safety of our workers and environment protection,this is guideline for all actions, policies anh successes from our establishment. We set up and maintain the safety working environment which promotes the health and working effeciency of our staffs, perform many positive measures to protect our environment in accordance with our policy " Green Safety "

We are in full compliance with all regulations and legal requirements of our Goverment and international organizations.

We continuously improve our safety management system and environment protection. We make the inspections regularly, monitoring, eveluating level of our policy " Green Safety "  implementation.

Continuous open many safety training courses, providing information & knowledge for our workers, ensuring absolute safety at work and minimize the impact on the environment. 
" Green Safety " Policy is the foundation for all the work that our company's employees are committed to perform and  together towards the most important goal :  "No accidents - Environment Friend"